Waxing has been the most popular temporary hair removal method since ancient Egyptian times and it’s no secret most men favor it for their body hair grooming. A thin layer of natural wax is applied to the skin which sticks to the hair and when pulled off it removes the hair by the root. This means the hair follicle will have to start all over again to produce a new hair which usually takes about 20 days, and even when the hair starts growing back it will be a lot thinner than the original hair so it could be another 2-3 weeks before it’s back to what it was before.

We use high quality waxing products and standard industry protocols, paired with outstanding unique techniques to make your experience less painful and the results longer lasting. With your comfort and safety in mind we consider hygiene as paramount, your therapist will always follow hand washing techniques, wear gloves and cleanse your skin prior to any treatment.

We use both strip wax and hot wax depending on the area to be waxed or your preference. As a rule we only use hot wax (or non-strip wax) for more delicate areas like the eyebrows, ears, nose and the intimate area. At the end of the treatment your skin will be cleansed again and moisturised to help prevent irritation.

In most cases your skin should be smooth for at least 2-3 weeks and when the hair starts growing back it should be another 3-5 weeks before it goes back to length and thickness it was before. You shouldn’t wait that long to have another session, it is best to repeat your treatment every 4-6 weeks; by doing so the hair will be thinner and weaker making your waxing experience much better.

Waxing Options

There are many reasons why people would wax their private bits, perhaps the most common one is hygiene, you sweat less and its easier to clean.

Brazilian Waxing or Boyzilian – the scrotum and the penis are waxed, the hair around the inner thighs can be waxed or trimmed, the buttocks can be either waxed, trimmed or left alone, the anus and perianal area is usually waxed, but the whole backside can be totally left alone. The pubic area is trimmed to whatever length and shape you want, usually a triangle following the hip bone. But remember it’s your Brazilian and you shape it what you want to.

Hollywood Waxing  – a variation of the Brazilian with everything waxed in the front and back of the intimate area including the pubic hair in the mons pubis.

Buttocks and Perianal – buttocks and the anal area waxed or just around the anus waxed and the buttocks trimmed. Also known as the “crack and cheeks” or “butt and crack”.

BSC or Butt Sack and Crack  – possibly the most popular waxing treatment, it combines a full Brazilian (penis, scrotum, groin, crack and cheeks, pubic area trimmed) with a full back and shoulders wax.

Full Legs Waxing  – the front and back of the legs up to the groin, including feet and toes.

Full Arms Waxing  – from the shoulders down to the hands and fingers.

Underarms Waxing  – all hair removed from the underarms.

Back and Shoulders Waxing  – all hair from the top of the buttocks to the neck, around the shoulders just above the collar bone and the upper arms down to the t-shirt sleeve line, blending in down to the elbows for a natural look.

Chest and Abs Waxing  – a front torso waxing, including everything between the top of the mons pubis up to below the neck. Some people like leaving the line between the navel to the chest bone, or some of the hair below the navel blending in from the sides of the tummy.

Ears or Nostrils Waxing.

Eyebrows Waxing  – eyebrows waxed and shaped with tweezers to a natural manly shape.

Cheeks Waxing  – from the outline of the beard to corner of the eye.

Beard Outline Waxing  – the outline of the cheeks and the front of the neck to the underneath the jawline.

Full Beard Waxing  – a full beard waxing treatment to remove the hairs from the root, giving you up to 20 days with no stubble.