We take manscaping to a higher level. Generally speaking manscaping is the removal of body hair for men using clippers or a razor blade. We like to think of manscaping as more than simply body hair trimming, we make of it an art in body hair styling for men. Just as you wouldn’t go for a bad haircut, you body hair deserves the same quality attention, after all you not only want to look good but make a very good impression. Tidy body hair is a statement that you care and look after yourself.

Our body hair stylist is a fully qualified barber and an ace in the art of clippering. In your consultation we will suggest how different lengths can impact your look and compliment your body. Just like a haircut we use blending techniques leaving no sharp edges to give a natural transition between the areas of no hair and gradually going up to where you like you hair longer. Any length is possible for your body hair trimming, from a very close shave with professional foil shaver, to reduce irritation from razor blades, to 4mm or longer, it’s your call.

Body hair trimming is ideal if you are sensitive to waxing or simply don’t like it. It’s also a requirement prior to a laser treatment in which case you will need a close shave either with a razor or foil shaver.

Manscaping options

We use unique techniques to trim the hair on the chest and abs, this will give a more dimensional look to the torso and an enhanced visual effect that concentrates on the chest and shaping up the stomach. The result is a more defined abdomen and a highlighted chest.

When trimming the back  it’s usually best to shave it down very close to the skin. We also consider the shoulders part of a back trimming to continuity to the look, broadening the shoulders and enhancing the chest

Trimming the intimate area not only makes it for better hygiene but also enhanced sensitivity when it comes to sex. It also makes your private bits look bigger which is also an added bonus. Intimate area trimming includes the scrotum and penis to a close shave, the buttocks and perianal shaved or trimmed, and the mons pubis shaped up to your preference

A full body trimming is the option to go for when your hair is out of control and you want more definition all over. It can include the back and shoulders, chest and abs, legs and arms, or you can go for a full torso trimming including the intimate area