Our Advanced Tech Facials are result driven treatments that target specific skin concerns with no discomfort. They are a great alternative to more invasive treatments that will yield results over time although you might see the difference from the first treatment. Our facials use a range of high tech machines to address various skin concerns and produce different outcomes that go beyond the usual relaxing effects of a facial massage and lathering of products. In your initial consultation we will explain to you the options of electrotherapy available for your desired results. Some treatments can be combined with a more advanced technique like IPL or Chemical Peel, just ask your aesthetician for the best facial combination.

Facial Electrotherapy Options

The ultrasonic skin scrubber, or ultrasonic peel is usually the first step in an advanced tech facial. It is a spatula that utilizes ultrasonic soundwaves of up to 28,000 per second to loosen up dead skin cells and debris in the pores. This treatment alone will make your skin brighter and assist in the removal of black heads, as well as preparing for the next steps in your advanced facial. During the treatment you might feel a slight warming sensation with a very high pitch sound.

A galvanic current is a direct electric current that works in two stages to naturally cleanse the skin of sebum and debris and induce the penetration of the products applied on the skin.


This is the cleansing state that helps release the sebum from the pores by using two electrode rollers on the skin by anaphoresis . The electric current reacts with the water in the pores producing lye which dissolves and pull out excessive sebum facilitating extractions. You might feel a slight tingling sensation during the treatment.


This is the second stage of galvanic current also called cathaphoresis ,using the reverse polarity from the first stage to push down vitamins and moisturisers deeper in the skin. It also balances the alkaline reaction of the anaphoresis phase to restore the intactness of the acid mantle of the skin.

Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing treatment that removes the keratinised skin cells from the stratum corneum (or horny layer, the outter layer of the skin). The result is a softer and brighter skin that with repeated treatments can help reduce fine lines, scars, pigmentation and ingrown hairs. We use a diamond tip instead of crystals which are milder with less adverse reactions, yet very effective. You might feel a slight sunburnt like sensation during and after the treatment that subside withn 2-24hr.

High Frequency is an indirect current that uses a glass electrode filled with ozone gas to deliver an electric sparkle on the skin to oxygenate, cleanse and tone the skin. It enhances blood circulation, increases collagen and elastin production, eliminates toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encourages lymphatic drainage and exfoliates dead skin cells. It is a safe treatment thatĀ helps treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles and rejuvenate the condition of the skin. During the treatment you might feel a slight warming sensation.

Microcurrent is a direct electric current used to tone the skin and muscles. It is also called the non surgical face lift as it reeducates the muscles that lose firmness with age giving you that saggy appearance. Microcurrent is an amazing facial combined with other electrotherapy or on its own, results can be seen from the very first treatment although a course of six weekly sessions is recommended for longer lasting effects. During the treatment you might feel a slight tingling sensation and occasionally a slight muscle contraction.

Ultrasound is a skin therapy used to help with the penetration of essential vitamins and products into the skin, and to help stimulate collagen production giving the skin a firmer appearance. It is also a fantastic treatment to reduce skin inflammation due to rosacea or external causes. The results are a brighter skin and over time your skin will restore elasticity. During the treatment you might feel a slightly warming sensation, the ultrasound waves penetrate deeper into the skin so there is usually very mild to no sensation on the surface.